Why is it that all my latest post are about …

The same ol’shit, just another day. I recently saw some comments posted to facebook, by my own kid, Stephanie. It’s not that the comments we’re bad, it’s more that it appeared she was bragging about what in my opinion she aught not to be. So when she comes home I say something to the effect of “a blessing isn’t paying some bill for something you technically already owe”. There’s no argument, no fight, just a stormy big child who doesn’t like what she’s hearing turning tail and storming off. Stomping right off to her daddy who is as usual doing Stephanie’s laundry (only to bitch to me about it later). Still there’s no arguments, no reason to argue it’s not like anything I have to say makes any difference.

Then today Jonni pops up hauling in her dirty laundry as well, well ‘why not’ I mean we do have a washer and dryer and she doesn’t. Even after they just spent twenty-seven thousand dollars in less than three months. I’m not sure how the subject came up but I barely caught some comment to her daddy saying something like my comments we’re uncalled for. So I butt in and ask what she’s talking about, she tells me she doesn’t want to talk about it. A little late now! After some heated discussion she eventually tells me that I should pick and choose when to reply. Now I don’t know about you, but to me that’s as much as telling me to “keep my mouth shut”. But NOT according to her.

I’m all for doing good deeds or “blessings” but I would hope that at some point in eighteen plus years I taught my kids the difference.

Why is it that all my latest post are about ...#1 Going out of your way to do a good deed for someone in need by sharing what you have or can do to help them out is a GREAT thing. You see someone can’t quite pay for their groceries so you gift them a few dollars, yes that is indeed “blessing” someone who needed help.

#2 When you ask to live with others (even your parents) have the decency to be respectable and hold up your end of any bargains. I should not have to remind you that running a house isn’t free. When I only ask you to put $100 into our household monthly you need to understand IM doing YOU a favor not the other way around. Yet you blatantly refuse to hold up your end of the bargain, again. As in initialing promising “it’ll just be for three months” but the reality is that it’s going on eight months now. And here you are bragging on FB how you paid I mean “blessed” mommy/daddy’s by paying their water bill (a whole $20) while that’s a nice thing (and I truly appreciate it) it’s not a “blessing”. IF you truly want to “bless” your parents try helping with things we actually need help with instead of running around bad mouthing us for asking you to pick up a loaf of bread (or washing a dish or anything else) and telling your family/friends we’re a pain in your ass.

You know it’s funny as parents we spend eighteen years raising our children the best we can only to find they haven’t really learned a damn thing or more like they pick and choose what they want to remember in the process. But make one mistake (that your not even really aware of until it’s thrown in your face years later) and watch out because those mistakes are never forgotten or forgiven. Of course that another story for another day, or not.