Who else loves Spongebob?

I know I’ve been neglecting my blogging for quite some time, honestly I’ve had nothing I wanted to talk about. All I do these days is play Warcraft, watch TV, and sleep… my health issues haven’t improved and no I haven’t seen a doctor nor do I plan too. I’m back to not leaving the house and having nightmares. I feel like I’m losing my mind and helpless to stop it .. like a car wreck in progress and unable to get clear of it. I actually gained back the weight I lost last year so once again at my highest weight ever which is wreaking havoc on my back and knees. I turned forty-seven this month and honestly I don’t think I’ll make it to see fifty at this rate.

colbys birthday cakeYou would think with summer on us that Jax would have taken advantage of dropping the boys off on us more than once a month. But nope, the boys we’re here the first week school let out back in June and the last week before school started, which was Monday. Colby had a birthday last month, he turned two. Sam got the most wonderful cake for the occasion, it was a two tier Bikini Bottom scene complete with the Spongebob and friends and the Crab Shack. We’re grateful she brought the party to us because it’s gotten to the point I just don’t go anywhere anymore.

Jenn is planning a trip home next month so we can meet the newest grand-baby Katybug. We’re all looking forward to that visit but I’m really upset that Sean isn’t coming with her. He seems to have some unspoken issues with us and for the life of me I can’t explain it. We used to be friends I thought but since he and Jenn split for that short time last year he’s never been the same. Jenn seems to think he’s let his own families issues spill over into his feelings for ours. Like maybe he thinks we think less of him and that’s the farthest from the truth, I love that boy I just wish he could see it.

Ali started first grade this week, hard to believe she’s six years old. Jon’s boys are both growing like weeds too and both looking quite silly because there momma or daddy keeps cutting there hair the silliest way — Mohawks. Seriously it’s funny even cute the first time — jokes over ya know. I have to say that I’m particularly proud of Jon & Ben, they’ve been doing well together for awhile now so I hope that means the bumps along the way are over. Of course it would be nice to see a wedding in the near future — of course three years in and he’s still not divorced his long gone first wife so I’m not holding my breath.  I could say the same for Steph & Tom they’ve really had it together the last year. Now if only my gurls would go out and make there own way instead of trying to divvy-up my property before I’m even dead. Hmmm ok that might’ve sounded way more harsh then what I meant for it too ….


  1. You sound like you are stuck in a rut. I get that way sometimes. I haven’t been playing WoW as much as normal because it’s end of the expansion and all. I usually login once a day and make cloth, troll trade chat and then move onto other stuff.

    Jocelijne put her pixel forum back up if you would like to come join us and doodle or just chat. You might find a little happiness connecting with others, even if it is only online. I know I would enjoy seeing you there. It’s been fun seeing some of the old pixelers show back up. Anyway, if you wanna come over it is here: http://thesecret.vanilla-patch.com

    If you need to talk or just want someone to be weird with, please don’t hesitate to email me.

  2. Just popping in to wish you a nice week. *big hugs*

  3. Just here to bug you and say hi. Hope all is well. *big hugs*

  4. Thinking of you and wondering how you are. 🙂