What Games Do You Play?

I ♥ PC Games

world of warcraft warlords of draenor

World of Warcraft – Do I dare say it out loud … I’m actually ‘maybe’ bored with World of Warcraft. Not done mind you, just in burn-out mode. There are still tons of things I want to complete but right now I’m finding I just don’t feel the NEED to even login. I know I may regret it later (WoW OCD) but for now I think I’ll probably just play on the weekends — I do really hope that doesn’t kill my guild.

Normally when I find myself bored with WoW I tend to play Diablo 3 or Starcraft but lately I’ve been going back to some of my older games.

sims 3

Sims – I’ve reinstalled Sims3. Three days later, I uninstall and reinstall again because the launcher won’t load. Now a week later I’m only up to installing the 4th expansion and it took more than 30 minutes for the game to even load. Now I remember why I stopped playing Sims3!

I know Sims4 is out now but I only recently got the last 4 Sims3 expansions and I haven’t even played them yet. So I can wait …

star trek online

Star Trek Online – Does anyone really play this game anymore? Apparently it’s much improved and free to download & play now. I got it when it was still new but didn’t play it much because I didn’t find it fun at the time – probably because I didn’t know anyone else playing it. My friend Zack has been playing it recently and just raves about how much fun it is now. So here I am updating mine again.

American McGees Alicezoo tycoonstar wars the old republic

I’ve got several other games installed but I don’t think I’ve played anything much but Blizzards games & Sims the last few years … unless you count Freecell & Mahjong which I tend to play while waiting for things to load.

If you play PC games let me know which ones by commenting below.


PS. Last week I upgraded my PC to Win 8.1 from Win 7 so I’m learning about Apps. I noticed there’s A LOT of App games, what’s your favorite? Which one’s do you recommend?


  1. Of course you know I play WoW. I dabble in other Blizzard games too… Hearthstone, Diablo, etc.