Two Steps Forward; Three Steps Back!!

First off OMFG Firefox @#$%#@ STOP crashing!!! It’s like every few minutes the flash plugin is crashing and flash is everywhere on nearly every website these days!!

Bang Head HereNow … I am soooo upset!! Most of my friends/family know but if you didn’t; I have a ton of websites I work on for profit. I have stores, blogs, databases, niche sites, ect.. Here lately I’ve really been working hard to broaden the niche sites and build my income even higher. This is why I’ve been having a lot of new articles written over at and today I discovered the last batch (which was huge) (and all previous batches by this same seller) are useless!! He’s been using content from article directories and encoding it some how to pass and claims pass the G**Gle radar too.

For one thing when I buy a gig that says 100% UNIQUE I expect original content! I guess our definitions of unique differ. I can’t even complain to fiverr because his gig says: This is done by Altering/encoding the stop words from Art.Directories/PLR packs and then making them unique in eyes of G**Gle. I don’t remember this gig having that statement when I started ordering it months ago but who knows.

Honestly I didn’t even fully understand what he meant by that description because call it tunnel vision but all I saw was 100% unique & copyscape passable – 15 articles for $5 I thought I had hit the jackpot! Of course I have ordered this gig multiple times since then and at this point I may have sites that are built 100% on these articles. I really don’t know and I’m so upset now that I just don’t have the energy to even start sorting this out. And now that I’ve seen what the encoding looks like (found this accidentally actually) I have to wonder if this is why my last four sites just aren’t ranking!?!