What Games Do You Play?

I ♥ PC Games

world of warcraft warlords of draenor

World of Warcraft – Do I dare say it out loud … I’m actually ‘maybe’ bored with World of Warcraft. Not done mind you, just in burn-out mode. There are still tons of things I want to complete but right now I’m finding I just don’t feel the NEED to even login. I know I may regret it later (WoW OCD) but for now I think I’ll probably just play on the weekends — I do really hope that doesn’t kill my guild.

Normally when I find myself bored with WoW I tend to play Diablo 3 or Starcraft but lately I’ve been going back to some of my older games.

sims 3

Sims – I’ve reinstalled Sims3. Three days later, I uninstall and reinstall again because the launcher won’t load. Now a week later I’m only up to installing the 4th expansion and it took more than 30 minutes for the game to even load. Now I remember why I stopped playing Sims3!

I know Sims4 is out now but I only recently got the last 4 Sims3 expansions and I haven’t even played them yet. So I can wait …

star trek online

Star Trek Online – Does anyone really play this game anymore? Apparently it’s much improved and free to download & play now. I got it when it was still new but didn’t play it much because I didn’t find it fun at the time – probably because I didn’t know anyone else playing it. My friend Zack has been playing it recently and just raves about how much fun it is now. So here I am updating mine again.

American McGees Alicezoo tycoonstar wars the old republic

I’ve got several other games installed but I don’t think I’ve played anything much but Blizzards games & Sims the last few years … unless you count Freecell & Mahjong which I tend to play while waiting for things to load.

If you play PC games let me know which ones by commenting below.


PS. Last week I upgraded my PC to Win 8.1 from Win 7 so I’m learning about Apps. I noticed there’s A LOT of App games, what’s your favorite? Which one’s do you recommend?

August is Winding Down

My birthday and my dads birthday were both this month. Jen had a Sims3 Generations delivered to my door, thank you babe! I like this Sims3 but I haven’t spent a lot of time playing it. Yes Jenn I know I’ve had your copy of it for months now. I just couldn’t get into it so stop laughing at me each time I finally spot something knew or get totally lost and have to call you for Help. Seriously I loved the original Sims especially the last expansion Making Magic. I loved Sims2 with it’s addition of vampires and witch’s. Sims3 just seems like a rehash of a lot (but not all) that’s come before and this new launcher, is a Pain In The Ass!! I can’t even start Generations from the launcher!!

Trying to start Sims3 Generations from the launcher results in the launcher not responding. So I have to start it through the root folder. C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3 Generations/Game/Bin/TS3EP04.EXE

I haven’t found anything WOW in Generations yet but I did JUST finally figure out how do the adventure quest from World Adventures. Am I slow poke … naa I just try doing to much as once, FB, Warcraft, Sims, webwork, kids, eat, sleep, bla bla bla.

I’m still grinding away at several achievements on Warcraft. I’m at 128 of 150 companion pets. I’m 38 of 40 on reputations which gives the reward title: ‘The Exalted’. I finished Violet Eye last night and the Consortium today, yay! I’ve been stopping out to slap around some Bogflare Needler’s in zangermarsh for a chance at the firefly pet while on my way to grind Shatari Skyguard dailies (finished Aug 19th) and Ogri’la dailies. My newest mount ‘Black War Tiger’ brings me to 81 outta 100 for th ‘Mountain O Mounts’ achievement which rewards the ‘Blue Dragonhawk Mount’. I hate PVP but that’s 3 or 4 more mounts and then there’s the tournament dailies in Icecrown which will take months to complete enough times to purchase them but there are several mounts to choose from there.

I did finally get dad on the phone on his birthday after three months with no contact. I try to call every weekend but a lot of times it turns out more like just once or twice. Regardless after that last call in May I have gotten no answer at dad’s house. By August I was at my wit’s end. I’d already asked my aunt if everything was ok. She said yaa just that with granny getting up in age he’s been at her house more and more. Then she asked me why I hadn’t called his cell phone. I was what cell phone, what cell phone? My dad has a cell phone? Really? Well whats the number? She says, “I don’t know”. OK, ummm so I ask my cousin and my other aunt and both tell me the same thing. OK, sure!

On his birthday I call information and get lucky information has a listing for my grandmother who’s number has changed since last time I called it. I hate calling her, I feel like it’s being a nu-since since she’s in her early 90’s and forgets so much including who I am. But anyway I call, her nurse said sure the numbers right here darling. So I finally get a hold of my dad after three months of silence! We go through all the niceties, how are you, everyone ok, whats new, happy birthday, ect… then I tell him my three month plight trying to stay in touch with him as usual. When I get to the part about no one knowing his number, he laughs and says “so you got lied too” I said, “basically!” and then “So what the hell is up with that huh!” We laugh and I tell him since apparently I’m some sort of menace who shouldn’t have his cell number I’ll make sure to use it wisely and and next time it’ll be a crank call! HaHa Seriously like WTF ya know! I was like Dad, its been three months didn’t you think even once maybe you should call and check on me? He says, “I don’t have your phone number.” UGH!!! So he put my number in his cell, and yes of course I’ve given it to him before …. men!!