What pushed Meri to seek love elsewhere?

cheaterI saw this question on facebook this morning and thought I would share my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

What pushed Meri to seek love elsewhere? http://ow.ly/UIrw0

I’m a supporter of the show, I actually hope it survives the fallout. So don’t get me wrong for what I’m about to say. But it seems to me …

While it may not have always been so, today’s #TheBrownFamily isn’t what I would consider a plural marriage. It’s not one husband and four wives it’s four households sharing one man between them. So maybe you get the man a night or two in what, two weeks time? ANY women in that position is going to feel lonely and depressed at some point. Especially a women whose child has grown and flown the nest which alone can start the spiral down into a depressive state, as I well know.

However in this particular situation, Meri YOUR NOT ALONE, you never we’re.

As a married woman myself I know the hardships well. I should I’ve raised five children in our thirty-something year marriage. However I don’t have the support Meri does. I have one real sister who has never been there for me. I have three real brothers who also have not been there for me. My mother is long gone and my father means well but I never hear from him unless I reach out. I wasn’t blessed with sister wives as you we’re – and yes I think of it as a blessing. BUT I have to think if I had been I would have latched on to them with pride and love in my heart as I would have my own sister given the chance – which we never got.

I feel bad for Meri some what but I don’t feel sorry for her, NOT one bit. Karma is a bitch babe. For someone whose lucky enough to have not just one partner but basically four to let themselves fall into the internet romance trap. Bahhh NO I don’t feel sorry for her, nor for Cody or any of the other wives who ALL put their family in the situation they are in today.

If your not aware of the situation, your going to be seeing a lot of huff this week about Meri being catfished but truthfully it’s all about Meri got caught having an online affair with a man BUT it turned out to be the catfishing bitch, Jackie Overton.

Sister Wives: I get it, I really do

Anyone watch Sister Wives? I caught the newest episode last nite and I have to say my heart just breaks for Mari. While as a mother of five and blessed in that I never had fertility issues, most people don’t know I always held out for a miracle. A miracle it would have been too since I had my tubes tied after my fifth child was born. But having all girls, I really wanted to add a boy to the mix. It wasn’t until my oldest daughter blessed us with our second grandson that I came to realize I was no longer secretly holding out for any miracles on my part. Now six years later, I would sooner stitch that thing up than give birth to another child. The change well while it may not always be so simple because sometimes I don’t even understand the changes in myself even now but I can say for sure that at forty-four years of age I simply do not see myself starting over.

Anyway back to “Sister Wives”, Mari is facing this decision herself since her sister wife Robyn offered to be her surrogate. Mari seems pretty emotional every time the subject comes up and last nite daughter Mariah and husband Cody sorta put her on the spot when voicing that they both want her to say yes. Mari’s heart is in the right place I’m sure and maybe ten years ago she would have jumped at the chance but now it’s not cut and dry and yet not so easy to simply say no. I get it, I really do.