Neopet Tips

Open the Wiz in New Window in case you get a Quest!


Check the News

Bank — If you don’t have an account open one free. Collect Interest EVERYDAY! Over time this will get you TONS of neopoints!

Half Price Day: The 3rd day of each month is “Half Price Day” in all Neopet shops, except the Hidden Tower.

Money Tree: Balthazar’s Mega Faerie Giveaway Bonanza happens at 6am NST. The Chocolate Giveaway is at 5:50pm NST on Sunday’s.

Check your Stocks — EVERY DAY!! Buy stocks at 15 np and when they increase in value enough for you, SELL.


Marinda Stand — GONE last I checked?

7 Eleven — Feed your pets daily free

Giant Jelly — Oh Yum! You can’t pass up some FREE FOOD daily! Your pets will thank you for it! This is another great daily event that can help keep those pets of poor neopians well fed.

Giant Omelette — This huge omelette will help supply you with one omelette per visit.

Freebies — 2000 np & food once a month only

Advent Calendar – (Seasonal / free) During the month of December only, you can visit the Advent Calendar to gain free goodies! See 2004’s goodie list here!

Turmaculus – (Once daily / free) Try to wake this giant petpet. Wake up times are random. You can look on the Avatar/NeoSignature Neoboard and see if any Neopets members have posted that he’s awake, or view Picovamde’s page. Turmaculus may reward you with items, or even blessing your neopet. (avatar chance)

Symol Hole — To do this you MUST have a petpet attached

Retrieve an item in the Deserted Tomb (you can only visit once a day)

Rubbish Dump — Visit the Rubbish Dump for freebies!

Snowager — If he’s awake click the here link to pick up a freebie from his junk pile. Asleep CST 8-9am 4-5pm 12-1am (6:00-7:00 am NST 2:00-3:00 pm NST 10:00-11:00 pm NS) See also: Tracker by Shidurri See also: The Snowager Stats Project

The Beast — !

Healing Springs — If your pet is sick, she will generally cure him/ her! And if he isnt, she might give you a random healing item which you can sell! restore HPs at the same time

Rich Slorg — free 200 np

Survey Shop — Survey can be done once a week.

Haunted Scratch Cards — Cards are 1200 points and sometimes give great prizes!

Winter Scratch Cards — Cards are 600 points each! Make 100 – 200 NP profit by marking these up & selling them!

Lost Desert Scratch Cards —

Wheel of Mediocrity — This wheel costs 50 NP and can only be spun once an hour, the prizes arent great. It’s worth a try!

Wheel of Misfortune — This wheel cost 100 NP a go. You can only spin the wheel once every two hours.

Wheel of Excitement — I dont suggest you use this unless you feel lucky. For me, it just stole my money! Cost 150 NP. Hit the 10,000 spot & get an avatar!

Wheel of Monotony — One spin costs 100NP, and it can last for hours on end before the wheel stops.

Areas of Interest

Kadoatery — Feed the pets.

Secret Ninja School — Training School — Cap’n Threelegs’ Swashbuckling Academy

Laboratory Ray — Collect all the map pieces and you will be able to do wonders with your pet!

Island Mystic — The Island Mystic will tell your fortune sometime leading you to a prize!

The Hidden Tower – Battle and rare items.

Igloo Garage Sale – Really good deals here!

Daily Games

NEW! 50k A Day Guide — Trivia Games & Answers

Guide to geting the Fishing Avie. Fishing Game

Fruit Machine — You can visit the fruit machine once a day, and it gives out food, neopoints and more!

Coltzan’s Shrine — You can win one million neopoints on this! Every month on the last day of the month at 12PM NST, the shrine gives away 1,000,000 neopoints! Other great prizes, too! Free: once every 12 hours!

Sultan’s Quest – (Once daily / free) Find the free NPs hidden somewhere in the image!

Tombola — This guy gives out lots of stuff, mostly junk. Although many times people get lucky and get a codestone, or two.

Marrow — Guess the weight of the biggest marrow ever grown! Once per day!

Grumpy Old King — Try to tickle the king’s funny bone for a prize!

Wise King – (Once daily / free) Results are random, but you could win items and/or neopoints.

Bagatelle – Jack Pot!
Buried Treasure — Got to hit the X to win .. hard!
Destruct-O-Match II
Dubloon Disaster
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
Extreme Potato Counter — for easy to earn neopoints! I played two rounds and won 400! Get a score of 200+ and win an avatar!
Fairy Crossword — Solve the FairyCrossword Puzzle daily for 600 NPS
Featured Game = Double Neopoints!!!
Jelly Blobs of Doom
Meerca Chase 2
NQ2 — Find the maps here. Win avatars for losing to a Plains Lupe, beating a Bionic Cybunny, & ??
Plushie Tycoon — Win an avatar & trophy using this step by step guide.
Poogle Racing
Poogle Solitaire
Potato Counter — Did you know you can count potato’s for neopoints? You can do this three times a day for free! On the average you can get 100-200 neopoints per day.
Test Your Strength — Jack Pot!
Turdle Racing
Scorchy Slots —
Score 2250+ at Whack-a-Staff (possibly 2225 might get it)
Snow Faerie Quest
Jhudora’s Quest
Illusen’s Quest
Kitchen Quest
Witch’s Tower Quest

Helpful Links

NuttyAboutNeopets — Battleguide, game guides, layouts, & more

More solutions to different games:

SGM Guild — Homepage, guild days – caption contest & more!

PPT-Think Pink — Lot’s of tips for neo players!

NeoNonsense —

Neopian Millionaire Friends —

Tine Neo Help —

Easy Trophies — Guides

NEW! Who Wants to be a Neo Millionaire — Very nice guide!

NEW! Neopets Now — Tons of Neo Info

More on Avatars

Top Neo Avatar collecter Jazz’s neo lookup page or here

Neoholic — Have a look at the tips & trix for earning Neo Avatars

AirFaerie.Com — Great place to start your search for secret avatars!

Updated October 28, 2006