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If you loved the Twilight Saga series as well enjoy playing Sims 3 then why not combine them? There is an abundance of Twilight characters for you to choose from for your Sims 3 game. Read on and let me show you where I found the best free downloads for your Sims 3 Twilight Saga world!

Twilight Saga Characters: the Cullen family, the Voltori, the Swan family, the Quileute Tribe, FHS students, James, Victoria, & Laurent.


Forks WA Lots: the Cullen house, the cottage, the Swan house, the Black house, the Weber house, a lot for the Volturi, and several misc lots including the Forks hospital.


Rather than list the downloads here I decided to add a SIM 3 Twilight Pinterest Board. All items found on this board I’m currently using in my own Sims3.

WORLD >> Port La Forks – This is a VERY large, immensely detailed world from Mod The Sims. For this particular world, you need to register with Mod The Sims (free) then make sure you’re logged in in order to download. The world can be downloaded here:…

The world is a multi-part download, as you’ll see, and you need a program like Winrar or 7zip to extract all the files you need. Download all parts and save them to the same location then open them all and choose ‘extract here’. Once you’ve extracted them all just install the world like you would any other. [sims3pack files go in Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Downloads]  The new files will show up in your game launcher under the Downloads tab for you to select and install.

Twilight Sims 3 Traits can be found here.

Complete Character Bios can be found here. You can find a list of the cars driven in the movies here.

Twilight Sims 3Zodiac Signs:

Bella Swan- Virgo

Edward Cullen- Pisces

Alice Cullen- Libra

Jasper Cullen- Leo

Esme Cullen- Capricorn

Carlisle Cullen- Gemini

Emette Cullun- Taurus

Rosalie Cullen- Scoprio

Jacob Black- Aries

Charlie Swan- Cancer

Rennee ( bellas mom)- saggitarius

Seth Clearwater- Aquarius

Leah Clearwater- Pisces

More Sims3 Twilight Downloads: