100 Things

1. I have five beautiful children.
2. I have six beautiful grandchildren – and one one more the way.
3. I’ve been on the internet since March 1996.
4. I was named after an obituary.
5. I’m a self-taught programmer: I know HTML, CSS, some javascript and am working on PHP.
6. I’m a fiery Leo.
7. I’m a mother of five girls.
8. My favorite book are The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe series by: CS Lewis.
9. I love Autumn.
10. I’ve been happily married for 30 years.

11. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.
12. I’m a terrible procrastinator & I hate it!
13. I believe in Sylvia Brown & John Edwards
14. My favorite actress is Meg Ryan
15. I’m a grandma.
16. I hate to exercise!
17. My favorite Candy is Reese’s Cup’s chilled of course =)
18. Karma’s a B^tch and you better belive it!
19. I host a yearly ornament swap.
20. My favorite authors are Stephen King & Ann Rice.

21. I’m self conscious about other people hearing my bodily functions in public restrooms.
22. I can’t believe I admitted to #21 in public.
23. I quit high school in the 10th grade after getting pregnant and got a GED.
24. I used to work at Walmart, hiding my face lol.
25. I’m a cat lover.
26. My favorite online games are Warcraft II, Starcraft, & Diablo II
27. My favorite TV Show is Charmed.
28. I hate tomatoes but love salsa.
29. I never finished college.
30. Margaritas are my favorite alcoholic drink.

31. I love diet vanilla Pepsi.
32. History fascinates me.
33. I don’t believe in the bible.
34. I’m the oldest of six siblings.
35. I’ve never owned a new car.
36. I would love to learn to tole paint.
37. I am pro-choice but I would have a hard time if it we’re one of my daughters making the choice.
38. I always cry at sad movies.
39. Even when I’ve seen them more than once.
40. I own five domains.

41. I have a twisted sense of humor.
42. My favorite flower is the tulip.
43. I was a bully in kindergarten.
44. Papa John’s is my favorite delivery pizza.
45. I’m learning to Pixelize.
46. I’m drawn to anything relating to ancient Egypt.
47. I’m Pagan.
48. I prefer sunsets to sunrises.
49. My favorite actor is Patrick Swayze
50. I daydream a lot, but not always about Patrick haha.

51. I married my high school sweetheart.
52. I love skating.
53. I hate ice skating.
54. I failed my first year in kindergarten.
55. My favorite holiday is Halloween – Samhain.
56. I believe in the existence of other intelligent life in the universe.
57. I played basketball in middle school.
58. I am right-handed.
59. I’ve never had my IQ tested.
60. My friends call me “warped.” I consider it a compliment.

61. My mother has been married nine times.
62. I don’t smoke or do drugs.
63. I was a girl scout leader for almost 5 years.
64. I HATE girl scout cookies with a PASSION.
65. I’m scared of spiders and snakes.
66. Most western shows or movies bore me to death.
67. I’ve always wondered if any of my ancestors we’re witches.
68. I hate storms.
69. I wear silver instead of gold.
70. I live in Texas.

71. I receive 10,000 emails or more daily.
72. I’m a member of Loth, SGM, RAOK, Woman WebDesigners, & to many graphic groups to list.
73. I can’t dance.
74. I hate pierced belly buttons and/or tongues.
75. My matron of honor did not show up at my wedding.
76. My girl’s say I’m a cool mom =)
77. I used to think I could sing.
78. I collect nutcrackers, snowman, ornaments, winter village pieces, dragons, fairies, wizards, castles, and spooky village pieces.
79. My father is a supervisor for a mobile home manufacturer.
80. I cuss, not a lot which is to much of course.

81. When I was growing up I wanted to be an astronaut.
82. I had once planned to join the air force.
83. My lucky number is 11.
84. I was baptized when I was about 12 years old.
85. I used to collect unicorns and bells.
86. I’ve milked a cow.
87. I once saw “Alabama” in concert back in the 80’s.
88. My driver’s license expired over a year ago.
89. My favorite colors are black, silver, & purple.
90. I live a boring life I know.

91. I love Halloween haunted houses but haven’t been to one in years.
92. I’m always broke which is why I haven’t been to a hhh in years.
93. I’ve never been to a renaissance faire, but I want to.
94. I would love to make my own soaps/candles to use/sell.
95. I’ve been happily married since I was 16 years old.
96. I live on my 10 acres of land.
97. We have about eight years left till it’s paid off.
98. I have a sister I haven’t seen in almost 20 years.
99. I could be an aunt and not even know it.
100. finally, I’m done … Yippee.