The Cast

Who am I? I’m known as Oasis across this vast web we call the internet. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and grandmother. I am a leader, student, teacher, internet marketer, and business owner. I am Pagan and Proud! I blog my families ups/downs as away of personal therapy more often than not, It’s really my way of getting it off my chest I guess. I love sharing what I’ve learned with others and helping people along the way if I can. My blog is a mixture of life’s tidbits, a true “oasis” in a sense. AND I’m a major World of Warcraft ADDICT!

I believe in Karma, faeries, spirits/ghost, and most importantly that Deity manifests itself to us in whatever way we can best comprehend. For some it’s God, for some it’s Goddess and for others its a pantheon of Gods. I believe no matter what form we view Deity as, we will all meet at the end goal whether you call that the Summerland or Heaven.


  • I like reading/watching horror & sci fi books/movies.
  • I love collecting unicorns.
  • I like MMORG PC games!
  • I like flower/herb gardens as long as I’m not doing the work LoL.
  • I like the Sci fi channel!

Pet Peeves:

  • Friends who STAB you in the back!
  • I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve which really pisses me off because I used to be so much stronger and not let things get to me like they do today!
  • People who neglect their animals!
  • Shallow souls who will never understand or comprehend the pain they bring onto others through mere personality traits.