No More True Blood 4U

It’s over. /cries. I’m talking about the HBO series True Blood which aired the final show after a seven season run Sunday night.

True-Blood-Series-Finale-Eric-Northman-GIFsTruly bitter but not so sweet. Here are my thoughts; the HBO series was already so far off the track from the Sookie Stackhouse series (written by Charlaine Harris) especially with the crap story-line from last season there was really no where else for the show to go. Frankly I didn’t like the way the books ended so why should I be surprised I don’t like the way the show ended either.

I’ve read several comments from other fans and someone made the suggestion to keep it alive by making a spin-off of Eric and Pam called New Blood <— now that’s an idea I could get behind! Not to mention without True Blood I have no other reason to keep paying for HBO.

I’m really disappointed that the writers felt like the true death for Bill was an appropriate ending because it was the farthest from most fans minds and quite a shocker to tell the truth. The best part of the final episode was Erics bloody dancing & driving scene.