I Guess I’m Never To Old To Learn Another of Life’s Lessons

love parentsNow if only my grown children would as well  ….

Why would I be paying your bills, because you ASKED me to. YOU agreed if I covered your Netflix you would pay me back NOT pay me what you could.

I asked for $50 a month for this new TV. YOU begged for it so I GAVEIN and let you take it. Then you decided this $50 a month also covered YOUR Netflix which has since gone up to $13 a month. I say NO, you ARGUE, I GAVEIN, again.

Why because you knew I would, if you kept it up. Whose fault is that? YOU for being manipulative and childish or MINE because I’ve always thought I did a good job teaching you to respect me enough to keep your promises OR MINE again for loving you so much I don’t want to argue and thereby allow myself to be manipulated.

I didn’t have to do that, you had 2 sisters who wanted the TV as well and I won’t even go into the fact that letting you take it over there would eventually, possibly, void the 3 year extended warranty we paid extra to have put on it.

I love you, I’ll always love you, but I guess what it comes down to is I let you slide, and slide, and slide which teaches you nothing but that you can keep pushing and get away with it.

I can’t keep doing this, we are at our financial breaking point. We are barely covering our debts now and depending on the month, not. It’s down to this, only having groceries almost solely because of the kindness of others.

I can honestly say I now understand how my own grandparents stood by all these years refusing to help my mom or any of us kids financially even when we needed it in the worst ways. I always hated that about them but now I get it that in their own way they we’re teaching us responsibility with hard love.


So now I have a disgustingly dirty 2 month old Smart TV sitting in it’s box shoved in my doorway and as usual I’m left feeling like I’m the bad guy.


  1. When I was a teenager I did not understand their parents. And now I’m grateful to them. But everything should be in moderation.
    Thanks for the post.