Crockpot Night

OMG that was like da’bomb! Chicken & Stuffing in the crockpot and that’s saying something because I’ve never ever liked stuffing!!

Slow Cooker Macaroni and CheeseI wanted the kids to come over for dinner but it’s been so hot this month I didn’t want anyone to have to stand around the kitchen to cook making the heat in the house worse. I decided it’s the perfect time to try out some new recipes I’ve collected lately; Chicken & StuffingMacaroni & Cheese, and for desert Dump Cake.

Jon/Ben made the mac & cheese and it was fantastic! After having read comments on the recipe I told Jon to leave out the eggs, only boil the macaroni 6 mins, and only cook for 2.5 hours so it wouldn’t be mushy. Of course she didn’t even read my instructions, go figure. Ben only used one block of cheese from what I understand but it was really good. The sour cream really gave it a nice creamy texture and you couldn’t even tell it was lite on cheesiness!

Hubs and I made the chicken and stuffing which turned out omg good. Surprising since he froze the chicken over night by mistake. Basically we laid out enough (frozen) chicken for one per person (we had eight chicken breast) in the crockpot then poured two boxes of stuffing over it. We mixed a 26oz can of cream of chicken soup with a half cup of sour cream and spread that over the top. Closed the lid on the crockpot and cooked it on high for 6 hours without disturbing it. When it was time I started stirring it and the chicken was so tender it shredded – seriously this dish was OMG awesome! Several times I heard comments about it being like eating Thanksgiving dinner in one dish.

Steph was supposed to make desert but I forgot to tell her so we made it a day ahead ourselves. I’m linking the cherry-pie recipe which is “to die for” but it’s quite sweet and since everyone has been trying to watch there calories (and mac/cheese is usually calorie intensive as is) I decided to swap the cherry filling with canned pineapple chunks. I also mixed in a half-cup of brown sugar into the dry cake mix before pouring it over the fruit. Of course a stick of butter is cut up and spread out on top. Cook on high for about three hours and serve with a scoop of simple vanilla ice cream and YUM!

This was so simple and GOOD, I can not wait to do a crockpot night again!!