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Two Steps Forward; Three Steps Back!!

First off OMFG Firefox @#$%#@ STOP crashing!!! It’s like every few minutes the flash plugin is crashing and flash is everywhere on nearly every website these days!!

Bang Head HereNow … I am soooo upset!! Most of my friends/family know but if you didn’t; I have a ton of websites I work on for profit. I have stores, blogs, databases, niche sites, ect.. Here lately I’ve really been working hard to broaden the niche sites and build my income even higher. This is why I’ve been having a lot of new articles written over at and today I discovered the last batch (which was huge) (and all previous batches by this same seller) are useless!! He’s been using content from article directories and encoding it some how to pass and claims pass the G**Gle radar too.

For one thing when I buy a gig that says 100% UNIQUE I expect original content! I guess our definitions of unique differ. I can’t even complain to fiverr because his gig says: This is done by Altering/encoding the stop words from Art.Directories/PLR packs and then making them unique in eyes of G**Gle. I don’t remember this gig having that statement when I started ordering it months ago but who knows.

Honestly I didn’t even fully understand what he meant by that description because call it tunnel vision but all I saw was 100% unique & copyscape passable – 15 articles for $5 I thought I had hit the jackpot! Of course I have ordered this gig multiple times since then and at this point I may have sites that are built 100% on these articles. I really don’t know and I’m so upset now that I just don’t have the energy to even start sorting this out. And now that I’ve seen what the encoding looks like (found this accidentally actually) I have to wonder if this is why my last four sites just aren’t ranking!?!

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I bought another domain!

I tell ya, I’m such a domain whore!! Isn’t there a webring for that LOL, I’ll have to look!!

Anyway my friend Charlotte was telling me about a lady she met on the net, Heather who is making like $10,000 a month off the internet and NOT selling anything!! Well it’s her and her hubby who actually just recently quit his job when they hit the $10,000 a month mark.. wow huh!

Heather herself told me that they have been blessed, Google called them, “CALLED THEM” to introduce them to Googles Adsense program. Now I know what adsense is heck I even have it on three of my websites but I’ve never made enough to even get one check from them! Heather’s site is a little of this and that with a spell archive and her hubby Ron’s site is about cool cars. You’ll notice both sites are covered with Adsense advertisements so after chatting it up with Heather I decided to follow in her steps and get serious about using Adsense. And since spells are a hot item and right up my alley that’s the subject I went with so I’m happy to say I bought a new domain for my own adsense project!

Need a New Tarot Deck

I friend of mine made a wholesale buy for a case of Miss Cleo tarot cards. Now if your like me you just said “MISS CLEO?!? WHY?” Ok, first off thats exactly what I said to her lol then she handed me a deck and I don’t know what I was expecting but they are Egyptian. I love Egyptian stuff!

These are the “Miss Cleo Tarot Power Deck” advertised on TV for a while. The illustrations use ancient Egyptian settings and costuming, although the illustrative style itself is not “hieroglyphic-like” in nature. The minor arcana draw heavily from the Rider-Waite “standard,” but the major arcana drawings are often original and unusual, such as appearance of the laughing dog (or hyena?) on the “Moon” card.

Im selling them for her at $5 (plus $1.95 shipping) so anyone looking for a new deck to work with or who maybe just wants to add another deck to their collection, give me a hollar. Im only taking PAYPAL for these.

A Magickal Mystical Online Marketplace.. tools & supplies for today’s Pagan practitioners.

Huge Paypal Chargeback

I am so PISSED!! I got up this morning to find an email from paypal saying some B***CH in Canada has disputed her purchase and now Paypal has done a $353.63 charge back to my paypal account!! I call Paypal and discuss it with the customer server (super customer service there by the way!) anyway then I go through my paperwork and find her invoice, postage receipt, & customs form scan them and email them to paypal with a brief email detailing my order processing steps. Just so happened I also had the purchase order so sent them a copy of that too just to prove I purchased the item wholesale for re-sale.

While talking to the agent I realize my mistake. I’m guilty of not always following paypal’s seller’s protection guidelines. I shipped the item to a completely different address than what Paypal has on file because that’s the address that came through my shopping cart which I can’t prove because the cart system dumps all orders over eight weeks old and this order was from August 26th!! I also realized that my cart system also shows the IP address for the buyer, of course I haven’t been recording these!! I logged straight into my cart and printed every order still on the system!! Lot of good it does me now..

Not only can I not prove I picked this second shipping address out of thin air but the buyer being in Canada presents a tracking problem. My post office continually tells me there is no tracking available for Canadian packages, while other seller’s tell me there is. Besides the point I did have this package insured for $300 as it was the largest crystal ball I offer so I’m calling the post office today to start an investigation and hopefully I’ll at least recover this much of the claim since I don’t believe I’ll win with Paypal. Needless to say lesson learned! From now on all packages are being shipped to confirmed paypal addresses only and International orders including Canada will be going through UPS with customer signature required!!

Please keep your fingers crossed that I can at least recover the insured portion as something like this is enough to close my small business. On that note anyone have a simple spell for recovering items or bringing justice to a situation?