No More True Blood 4U

It’s over. /cries. I’m talking about the HBO series True Blood which aired the final show after a seven season run Sunday night.

True-Blood-Series-Finale-Eric-Northman-GIFsTruly bitter but not so sweet. Here are my thoughts; the HBO series was already so far off the track from the Sookie Stackhouse series (written by Charlaine Harris) especially with the crap story-line from last season there was really no where else for the show to go. Frankly I didn’t like the way the books ended so why should I be surprised I don’t like the way the show ended either.

I’ve read several comments from other fans and someone made the suggestion to keep it alive by making a spin-off of Eric and Pam called New Blood <— now that’s an idea I could get behind! Not to mention without True Blood I have no other reason to keep paying for HBO.

I’m really disappointed that the writers felt like the true death for Bill was an appropriate ending because it was the farthest from most fans minds and quite a shocker to tell the truth. The best part of the final episode was Erics bloody dancing & driving scene.

I’ll miss you Ceelo!

Green, who was on the talk show ‘Ellen’ recently to discuss hitting the road for a tour with Lionel Richie, explained his departure from The Voice.

“I don’t want to wear out my welcome there,” said Green. “I have so many other things that I want to do. I haven’t released an album in four years.”

Christina-Aguilera-Cee-LoGreen joined “The Voice” as one of the show’s original coaches in 2011 — along with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera — and stayed for three seasons. Green and Aguilera both took a hiatus in cycle four at the beginning of 2013, and were replaced by Usher and Shakira. All four original coaches returned in September for the show’s fifth season, but Green is once again giving up his chair — along with Aguilera — to Usher and Shakira in the upcoming cycle. Neither Green nor Aguilera have ever won.

Christina too? O’my .. I really don’t care that neither of them haven’t ever won, the fact is they are both a integral part of the show. The one season with Usher and Shakira was fun, no doubt, but seriously I was hoping it was a one-time deal. I guess I understand Ceelo’s need to put more time into his music but hey Christina what’s your excuse?


Goodbye Dexter

dexterI know Dexter was about a serial killer but who can’t say by this point that they didn’t feel his growth as a person and feel his pain as he evolved. I’ll miss the series which made it eight years and frankly was the only reason we subscribed to Showtime.

I MUST say though I like so many other viewers was a little bit disappointed in the season finale. My story conclusion would have been to have Dexter step off the boat carrying his sisters body while the boat drove off into the storm — much more fitting to a conclusive ending than what the writers gave us IMO.

“I want you to remember that every single day until I see you again. Daddy loves you.” –#Dexter

Kenichi Ebina AGT Season #8 Winner

From day one America’s Got Talent fell for the unique and impressive talents of Kenichi Ebina. Of the six remaining acts Cami Bradley, Jimmy Rose, Collins Key, Taylor Williamson, Forte and Kenichi Ebina I can not say I’m surprised at all that Kenichi won. I will say I was surprised Cami Bradley went out before all of them. I really think she should have been one of the three last to be standing as was Taylor Williamson and Kenichi Ebina.

Kenichi Ebina performs a remix of his Matrix-Style Routine. “The Finals” September 17 2013

Howie tells America Kenechi has to win AGT and Howard says Kenichi is a genius genius genius. This was by far his BEST performance of the season in my opinion.

Kenichi Ebina performing at Radio City Music Hall August 06 2013

Cami Bradley performing “Believe” by Cher. “The Finals” September 17 2013

Taylor Williamson performing at Radio City Music Hall. “The Finals” September 17 2013

Anyone else watch Dance Moms?

Lifetime’s reality series Dance Moms draws more than 2 million viewers a week, making it one of the most-watched shows of its kind on basic cable.

This show evokes a lot of emotions happiness, sadness, shock, and pride. People seem to either hate realty TV or love it and Dance Moms is apparently one of those loved shows. These children are doing what so many little girls and boys want to do — not to mention the fame-starved moms who are attracted to the promises of stardom that many dance academies such as the ALDC promise them. It’s seriously no wonder it has such a huge fanbase.

However more often than not Dance Moms evokes pain, tears, and anger after watching these little girls be tormented not only by a childless selfish woman like Abby Miller but also by their own willing and fully participating moms. My question to any of these mothers is this – at what point is enough enough? How do you justify the continued daily struggle your daughters are going though for the sake of doing what they love or in some of your cases what you love them to do.

For example Brooke Hyland, am I the only person who feels the pain pouring out of this child I think not. I’ve seen Brooke and Paige’s mother Kelly break down on the show often enough to know she’s genuinely hurting for her children. But yet she keeps going back – putting her girls right back into the same situation time and time again. Is it adult pear pressure? Don’t we teach out children not to jump off a bridge just because their friends do? Is it a selfish parental need to use what’s available to get her children ahead? Then I would have to ask this – Kelly how can you justify choosing the road to fame at the expense of your children when both of these girls are already prime candidates for counseling. Brooke always looks depressed and sad even with that fake smile on her face. To see how much she has declined brings me to tears as a mother myself. And Paige is not just an emotional wreak when she’s face to face with Abby but she’s reached a point that it’s become physically painful for her; panic attacks.

Brooke Hyland – I Hurt – Music Video

I don’t mean to only point fingers at Kelly by any means but the decline in her daughters stands out drastically.

Abby has made it her job to degrade Chloe on national television more often than not and mom Christi more often than not is the cause. I feel bad for Chloe frankly, she’s a strong girl but even the strongest people have their breaking points. I pray to the Goddess that we’re not looking at tragedy in the making when it comes to “Dance Moms”. Even Abby’s favorite student Maddie felt the wrath of hurricane Abby when her mom Melissa defied queen Abby by siding with the moms to bring Kelly back yet again. Abby consistently pit Mackenzie against Asia which wouldn’t be a bad thing if Abby didn’t go out of her way to be hurtful in how she makes statements to or about these children. And Jill, she’s all about doing whatever it takes to get her daughter Kendall ahead. I seriously think this one isn’t about the child at all it’s about Jill living through her child. The only stable mom in this group is Nia’s mom Holly who can be defensive of her child no doubt but more often than not does not jump into the fray to build up the drama.

I think you mothers have let your five minutes of fame go to your heads. Your daughters are great in their own right and deserve to be trained in a setting that fosters their talents into better dancers and eventually careers. I know your saying “But that’s what I’m doing!” and my answer to you is, No, your not. Trainers such as the great and powerful Abby have lost their way (or never had it). That is why the audiences cheers crab-apple Kathy, she maybe the under dog but she treats her dancers and moms with care and respect. Abby Lee Miller needs to take notes >> there’s not an I in T E A M.

The bottom line is these children do not deserve to be to taught in an environment of torment-full sessions. Abby may know her stuff that I don’t deny that but she does not have the right to abuse the children in her care. Abby Lee states she is a tough-love instructor then consistently screams, calls names, throws items, gives these girls sought after positions only to take them away ‘at the drop of a hat’ this type of treatment is NOT tough-love dance instruction it’s abuse period. And to have the audacity to walk out on a live audience (her fans no less) because she doesn’t like what she hears – that’s the kind of maturity Abby Lee Miller “the bully” displays to her students and fans on a daily and weekly basis.

Dance Moms – Rosa Parks – Full Version

Dance Moms – No One Likes A Bully – Full Version

True Blood Season Six Finale

True Blood Season Six FinalSo WTF is going on with the writers for True Blood huh!?! Seriously that season finale was a joke I hope. Wasn’t it just last week that Anna Paquin (Sookie) striped for the steamy sex scene with Rob Kazinsky (Warlow) which was a bit of a shocker but then it is HBO. Then this week Alexander Skarsgard (Eric) heats up in all his full frontal glory leaving watchers to assume he’s dead. The scene jumps to six months later where local vampires seem to have taken a page out of The Morganville Vampires series. Really?!?

  • All the vampire excitement to being out in the sun again is understandable but straight to a full on orgy outside Bills house. Wow!
  • Billith is just Bill again with no powers?
  • Warlow is too good to be true – SNAP Niall is back from where ever and Warlow is dead!
  • Eric’s vacation gone bad. How is it he’s able to go six months on Warlows blood?
  • Sookie and Alcide seem to be a committed couple living in the Stackhouse house. I didn’t see that coming but I was glad to see he got a hair cut haha!
  • Merlotte’s is now Bellefleur’s – NoWay!
  • Bill is a bestselling author for writing some book called And God Bled. LOL
  • Human & vampire buddy system, with the humans providing fresh blood and vamps providing protection.
  • With all that and so much more I didn’t even mention why is it everywhere I look it seems the burning question seems to be whether Tara’s mom has Hep V. With everything else that happened in the finale that’s the burning question, really?!?

Now I completely admit I haven’t read ALL the Sookie Stackhouse books yet — I actually started over and just finished the seventh in the series. So please correct me if I’m wrong but hasn’t the writers gone way past the original story. I don’t expect them to stick with the books completely of course but they did do a wonderful job of it up until this season I thought. Maybe True Blood is finally winding down …