Game Review for Gnomes Garden

Gnomes GardenThe last few days I’ve been playing Gnomes Garden on Steam.

Dry summer withered the king’s beloved garden and the surrounding gardens of the kingdom alike. The ruler has fallen ill and the kingdom is in danger. Help the princess save the gardens and make the king better again.

If you like time management games then you might give this one a try. Honestly there isn’t much of a story, your just restoring the king’s garden. The game play is simple, nothing fancy, it’s just remembering which buildings to upgrade and which not and in what order.

I got the game in a bundle so I didn’t pay much for it. I probably would not reset and play all the way through again, at least not anytime soon but overall it was sorta fun. I especially enjoyed the achievements which gave me something to work for. Aim high.. go for three stars before moving on to the next level!

What I liked, it’s fast paced which makes it challenging. This game is definitely a family type game and safe for all ages. Having said that here is what I didn’t like, because it’s fast paced it probably a little too challenging for pre-teens or younger children. My one real complaint would be that I can’t always stop the aggravating little gnomes that come out to bonk my workers. We’re supposed to be able to click on them, well many times it simply doesn’t work. Or if it does they still keep going disrupting my workers.

Whats your favorite Steam games to play?






You Tube Mix


Sharing more of my favorite “Mix” list:

If you have a favorite you tube mix please do share.

You Tube Mix

YouTubeSharing more of my favorite “Mix” list:

If you have a favorite you tube mix please do share =}

Are You a Gamer?

PC Gamer has an article up with the best 50 free PC games >> check it out.

I love games. I love games that don’t require downloads especially! Both of my grandsons have been playing on the computer for years and both have a really bad habit of just downloading games which usually results in my later finding some new toolbar has attached itself to my browser or even worse some software has taken over my computer security settings. I haven’t tried any of these 50 suggestions but I did find these two looked familiar.

Battle for Wesnoth Developer: Battle for Wesnoth Link:

Battle for Wesnoth

Spelunky Developer: Mossmouth Link:


You Tube Mix

YouTubeI’ve come across a few “YouTube Mix” list that I can listen to for days, problem is my browser gets reset and with all my disorganized links I lose the mix!

  • Twilight Mix (songs from The Twilight Saga franchise & Robert Pattinson)
  • Pink! (powerful songs by woman including but not limited to Pink)

If you have a favorite you tube mix please do share =}

FB Header Challenge #1 – Matrix

So it’s been awhile since Arista and I did a PSP challenge so I think maybe we need to shake-it-up just a little bit. With that in mind I thought why not something a little different like a facebook header!

So here’s the tutorial “Matric Text Effect” I chose however you’ll notice it’s written for photoshop not paintshop pro so I also found a video to help us along the way — between these two sources I was able to come up with this. I like it, I think I maybe do a few more quotes in more colors!